Shore 3 Residences

Shore 3 Residences



A resort inspired community right in front of the shore of Manila Bay and beside the mammoth SM Mall of Asia (MOA), the Shore 3 Residences rules them all! This beach-themed and nature inspired community is comprised of 4 high-rise towers facing each other in a tremendous display of perfect symmetry where most of the resort-style and world-class amenities are located in the middle, a truly brilliant sight to behold! This first-rated residential development has one of the most ideal addresses in Manila where several world-renowned landmarks are in close proximity, definitely the location everybody is seeking for.

Shore 3 Residences is truly dynamic, yet is full of serenity and privacy everyone is seeking for in an elegant community. This immense project is situated along Seaside Blvd., Sunrise Drive, MOA Complex, Pasay City. Less than 600 meters to the east is the gracious Manila Bay, where it is famous for its sunset, you could witness this magnificent phenomenon every single day. There are several recognizable landmarks scattered within the site’s locality, the U.S. and Japanese Embassies are close by, as well as the MOA Arena, World Trade Center, City of Dreams Manila Integrated Resort, Solaire Resorts and Casino, the CCP, NAIA Terminal 4, Resorts World Bayshore Phase 1, the Light Rail Manila Corp., and hundreds more other prominent landmarks and government institutions.

Shore 3 Residences is an awesome leisure and residential place under one roof, it’s an ultimate family sanctuary amid the bustling city life, a great recluse after a tough day in the office or your kids’ demanding times in school, go home to a seemingly endless comfort and convenience right at your own backyard. Relax while you breathe the freshest air; view, experience and be dazzled by the wonders man has made and its nature’s counterpart.
Owning a home Shore 3 Residences

Nothing feels better than the feeling of possessing a good home. A home that caters for all your needs. Shore 3 residences is the best condominium to invest in a home. Towering amidst the cityscape, Shore 3 Residences boasts of distinguishable design and architecture. The elegant residential suites boasts of tastefully decorated interiors and contemporary design.

A home is a basic need for everyone and investing in a good home is the best thing one can do both for themselves and their family. That place that one goes to after sitting at the office desk the whole day or after a long day at school is what we know as home. This place is where we sit down, relax or close our doors and separate ourselves from the cruel world when things just don’t seem to go our way. Well, Shore 3 Residences are not just condos but are the best condos to live in. Everything is so comfortable here; sitting on that state-of-the-art chair, looking at that comforting colour on the wall, everything is just okay.

The three tower residence is located at the heart of the everlasting attractive city of Pasay city no wonder there is much to gain and enjoy as a resident of the Shore 3 residences.

As an owner of a home at Shore 3 Residences, one gets to enjoy refresh and frolic with the kids in the beautiful children’s play area. Nothing feels better than having fun with the kids. In addition the residents have all the time and resources to cherish the with family and friends as they unwind in a verdant setting in the open green grass.

In Shore 3 Residences, every effort is made to make the residents feel comfortable. The units are much more stylish and luxurious than imagined. The condo is designed for utmost relaxation and convenience of the precious residents. Shore 3 Residences gives a five star suburban living experience to its residents.

This sanctuary by the name Shore 3 Residences is everything to look for. With this residence, everyday living is anything but ordinary. The residents get to enjoy resort like amenities and first rate facilities that are only found in five star hotels. There is nothing more thrilling than the experience of living beside the best of the best amenities. Shore 3 Residences gives its residents a privileged lifestyle with the comfort of its signature amenities. The first rate amenities allow the residents to have a deep dive into luxurious life and bond with family and friends in the most suitable environment.

Speaking of style and sophistication, Shore 3 Residences cannot be left out. Enjoying the active lifestyle of Pasay city is the residents’ daily life. A residence that exposes them to the best that there is in the city; world renowned schools and the best hospitals in this city. The residents of Pasay city have nothing to complain about unless they need to complain that everything in the residence is too good for them.

Owning a home at Shore 3 Residences is definitely the best experience ever in the residents’ lives.
5 things you did not know about Shore 3 Residences

  • First, Shore 3 Residences is the perfect reprieve for young and growing families. The units are quite spacious and the floor plan suits these families. But just to clear this up, the residence is not only for families but it is designed to cater for everyone’s needs; students, professionals, business people etc. Moreover, Its facilities and amenities were developed with everyone in mind.
  • Second, Shore 3 Residences boasts of resort like amenities and facilities which give the residents a five star lifestyle. The children have their play area. They do not have to stay indoors bored. In addition, there is a state-of-the-art swimming pool that is always waiting to give the residents a thrilling experience. As a resident at Shore 3 Residences, let business go on right at your doorstep by just booking the function room. This magnificent residence is topped with the best of the best amenities and facilities. Furthermore, the handman services provided here are nothing but excellent. As other people are busy whining about the incapacity of their homes, the residenys of Shore 3 Residences are simply enjoying the blissful lifestyle given to them by the marvelous residence. A residence that offers a wide array of living options that are suited for the needs and lifestyle of its residents.
  • Third, convenience is Shore 3 Residence’s trademark. The residence is located at a close proximity to key destinations in the city. Furthermore, there is a commercial area at the ground floor thus making it easy for the residents to access basic needs. The fact that there are five star amenities at the residents’ doorstep means that they do have to leave the comfort of their homes in search for relaxation and fun. The residents of these homes are living the five star lifestyle that most of us think that it is only possible in the movies where everything is perfect and within reach. The elegant residential suites ensure that they live that luxurious, stylish and convenient lifestyle.
  • In addition, Shore 3 Residences enables the residents to live best of the two worlds; the business and the social life. This residence harmoniously integrates these two into a seamless beautiful lifestyle. These world class amenities and first rate facilities make it this fusion possible. You should live where you thrive and that is why Shore 3 Residences have it all.

Finally, Shore 3 Residences offers a panoramic view of the Manila Bay.

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