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Heighten your living experiences at Air Residences. A residential estate that takes

Red Residences


Red Residences developed by SMDC is a premier residential condominium project located

Fame Residences


Fame Residences developed by SMDC is a premier residential condominium project located

S Residences


If you are looking for a modern and new place to live,

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We are helping prospective buyers to choose their dream dwelling units faster than you ever imagined. Whether it is a pristine dreamland, calm lakeside or an eco-friendly seaside, we are here to help you with the best condo offer. Having sold over 5000 dwelling units within a short span of time, we have developed an enviable customer base. We do get repeat orders from them. And more interestingly they recommend us to their friends. Owning a condo is a dream, but that journey not necessarily has to be strenuous. We want that to be a real smooth ride. We want you to surmount the issue effortlessly.


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