Heighten your living experiences at Air Residences. A residential estate that takes it a notch higher by providing what many people have been dreaming of. Air Residences gives its residents a privileged lifestyle where everyday living is anything but ordinary. As its, resident, one gets to enjoy resort-like amenities and impressive facilities.Air Residences gives its residents an an enviable lifestyle combining a convenient location with the luxurious comfort of its signature amenities. It goes to the trouble of providing an unparalleled comfort to its residents just to ensure that they live large and enjoy exciting and more memorable days while within its walls.

The highly praised Air Residences is all one would ever want.  The residence offers first-rate facilities that elevates the lifestyles of its residents.The 9th to 59th floor are residential units that are well developed with tasteful interior decor to ensure that the residents feel at home. The 7th floor is where the five star amenities are found. In addition to that, there is an office space on the same floor. Air Residences delivers an exclusive and distinctive living experiences to its residences by having the eighth floor with other five star amenities again. The seventh and the eighth floors are dedicated to bring a sense of relaxation to Air Residences. Furthermore, the 6th floor is exclusively an office space. For that serious business that its residents need to do without disturbance, they just take an elevator to the 6th floor. Air Residences did not leave out those who own cars for the third to the fifth floor are exclusively parking areas but not just parking areas but secure parking areas. The second floor is also a parking area and with the Air mall which saves the residents the trouble of having to go outside their space to just shop. The basement also serves as parking area.

Owning a home at Air Residences
Do yourself some justice by owning a home at the legendary Air Residences. The residence offers a life of affluence in the most exciting way ever. Being a resident here assures one of enjoying refined structures and features that bring comfort within one’s reach.Air residences allows the residents to enjoy and experience the most in an affordable way. The methods of payment are quite flexible so as to ensure affordability of the homes. The homes are worth their prices for what one gets from them is unmeasurable; something that most homes have failed to give their residents.

Owning a home here means having a deep dive in the marvelous life that the residence offers and bonding with friends and family as much as you want. This is a home filled with fun and exciting moments in every minute that one lives here. Air Residences offer the seamless fusion of the life and lifestyles that is only seen in the movies. The residence comes in to make the life realistic. The residence takes it up a notch by providing fast-rate services and invigorating recreational amenities. The residence defines the art of leisure in the most expounding way. As a resident of Air Residences, one gets to discover a new way of life.  A life that leaves them spoilt. Owning a home at Air Residences makes each day exhilarating. It provides the residents with modern first-rate lifestyle. A lifestyle characterized by the finest amenities ever.Enjoy the sophisticated quarters as a resident at Air Residences.

The residence allows one to wake up each exciting morning to the view of resort-like amenities right from their balcony. At the heart of the development is the beautifully spread lawn and is visible from one’s balcony. Let the eyes have their share of the panoramic view right from the comfort of your home. Air Residences brings its residents to the doorstep of success. Success in ever aspect of life. The residence balances a demanding work schedule and a vibrant social life in a marvelous way. Moreover, the residence goes to an extra length to ensure that the residence are comfortable. As it is, life in Air Residences is a combination of style, convenience and comfort.

The front desk and handyman services are there to aide the residents and ensure that they are satisfied and comfortable. What a life! Owning a home at the residences means saying goodbye to noisy environment and it means that one’s commuting problems remain to be a thing of the past. Everything is at the residents’ doorsteps thus no need to commute unless one wants to break monotony. The residence gives its residents an opulent welcome each time they arrive at the majestic tower. The grand lobby is the perfect definition of style and sophistication. It has been developed with a touch of tasteful modern contemporary opulence that makes one feel like walking into the lobby every minute of their life. Life has never been this thrilling.The owners of the beautiful homes enjoy a natural elegance whenever they are at home. They are surrounded by the beautiful flora that deck the grounds of this luxurious homes. These complement the resort-like atmosphere of the breathtaking Air Residences.
Why investing in a home at Air Residences is a good idea.
The residence is home of headquarters of multinational and the country’s top corporations. This easier as accessing these offices is made easy. There is no commuting in search of the services that they provide but just walking a few minutes. Some of the government offices are located within the city’s central business district thus making life easier. The SMDC developed residence’s close proximity to Makati’s central business district is one of the reasons one should not miss a home there.

The central business district is the centre of all action and having easy access to it is not only saving time but it also means accessing everything with ease. The CBD’s short distance from Air Residences lets the residents access the best of the best that there is in the country. The residents get to enjoy the convenience of living near the fast-paced city’s facilities, services and amenities. The residence gives them a privileged lifestyle of combining a convenient and easy accessibility to services. In addition, Air Residence is near the best commercial and institutional establishments such as the best medical and educational institutions, shopping malls and shopping centers. Studying has never been made this wonderful. The struggles of commuting to school is a problem that these residents do not have to face. The hospitals on the other hand, are just a short walk from the residence. Furthermore, life has been made easier for the residents as the SM Makati and SM Hypermarket Makati are just a few minuted away from the residence. Finally, entertainment and recreational hubs are just around the corner.

Makati is a city that never sleeps. It’s nightlife is one to be amazed with. This city is the centre of the action. The artistic design of the movie theaters and the classic cinema halls makes the residents wish that Monday never arrives. Pasay City is the centre of the action. The clubs are always ready to give a lifetime thrill to Makati residents. Partying and clubbing is highly welcomed in this world renowned city. The clubs offer what no other clubs offer. These are the best places to unwind after a long stressful week. For daytime fun, the Ayala Museum is a few minutes away from the residence. Get to have a thrilling moment at the museum with friends or family. Life is much more meaningful if some touch of entertainment is added to it.In addition, the movie shops have their doors open round the clock this the passive part of the population have nothing to whine about.

Life in SMDC Air Residences is a luxurious one yet affordable. A life that is an integration of style, comfort and convenience. Air Residence provides an upscale living experience and a vibrant lifestyle. Air Residences is indeed the place to invest in a home.



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