Shore 2 Residences

Shore 2 Residences



Nothing says you have made quite like Shore 2 Residences. A development that provides a multifaceted fun living to its residents. Resort like amenities take Centre stage at this magnificent development. Shore Residence is the choice of successful and stylish individuals who want to maintain a five star lifestyle. For a relaxed lifestyle, Shore Residences never disappoints. A residence that is set to provide the best premier waterfront in the metro.

An elevated way of living awaits at the thrilling Shore 2 Residences. Paradise is right here with Shore 2 Residences. A residence where everyday living is anything but ordinary. The home owners of this modern residential condominium ate assured of a luxurious lifestyle. A lifestyle that allows them to live without limits. Have the air of a good life  at Shore 2 Residences. Here, there is nothing but the experience of daily happiness. For an assurance of happiness, Shore Residences provides elegant retreats all year round to the residents without them having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Shore 2 Residences offers the seamless fusion of the life and lifestyle that is only dreamed of. Live surrounded by the magnificence of Pasay city. It is time to spoil yourself with the resort like amenities at Shore 2 Residences. Wake up each morning and take pleasure at enjoying the first class amenities right at your doorstep. The unparalleled comforts of Shore 2 Residences unfold itself to soothe even the most souls. The refined structure and features of this magnificent development brings comfort within the reach of the home owners.

An investment in Shore 2 Residence is the wisest thing to do as it is something that will last forever and bring joy to your doorstep as a resident. Thrive in this beautiful development which harmoniously integrates business and social lifestyle into an amazing experience. Furthermore, an investment in Shore 2 Residences is a good idea because this homes enables the residents to build their at the right place.

Shore 2 Residences offers a five star suburb living experience to its residents as it is designed for utmost relaxation and convenience of the home owners in mind. Enjoy the convenience of living near top schools, medical.centres and entertainment hubs.

Banish stress by owning a home at Shore 2 Residences. Wake up each morning to a brilliant day. Surrender to the idyllic island life  with tge confines of  Shore 2 Residences. Let the the beautiful sunrise do its magic by making the day brighter not in the sense of light but to bring up that faded smile. All worries are left at the development’s entrance as all this residence knows is to bring joy and relaxation to its residents. Spend the lazy day by the majestic pools watching the sky. After that, take a cool shower in the bathtub and wait for darkness to fall. Walk out into in the balcony and watch the beautiful sky at night. Nothing is more beautiful than a residence that appreciated nature. Let everyday be a vacation in this magnificent residence. During the summer, take pleasure in the warmth of the sun and the breeze of the shore without ever leaving the residence. Live in a private island in the middle of the bustling city.

For stylish lifestyle, Shore 2 Residence is all there is that can offer that and more.
5 things you did not know about Shore 2 Residences

  • First, Shore 2 Residences strategic location enables its residents to access the exclusive services of the SM Mall of Asia. Life in this residence is bliss as the residents enjoy first class amenities from this centre without much of a hustle. The spacious function rooms, the beautiful park, the retail shops and the first rate amenities at SM Mall of Asia are easily accessed by these blessed residents. Shore 2 Residences allows its residents to experience an abundance of amazement and a handful of surprises offered by this magnificent tower. With such relaxation and luxury just a short walk from one’s residence, what else is there to complain about?
  • Second, Shore 2 Residences provides top notch property management services to the residents on order to ensure that they stay comfortable and with satisfaction all day round. The hand man services here are satisfactory. This beautiful residence is all that one would want. The management has brought a new concept to residential living whereby the properties of the development are well maintained and the security of the the home owners well taken care of. The 24 hour security services and the CCTV cameras makes the residents live the best experience the best of city living.
  • Let the premium lifestyle introduce itself to you in your very own abode in the magnificent Shore 2 Residences. This development lives up to its name by providing beach-like services to its residents. The residence offers a lifestyle that is both chick and sophisticated. A lifestyle graced by world class amenities that are found at the residents doorsteps. Live in a residence topped with first class amenities within the comfort of your room. Shore 2 residences surrounds the home owners with invigorating recreational amenities that are perfect for an exhilarating and exciting break away from the stressful environment at work. Nothing makes an impression and leaves memorable experiences on home owners’ minds like Shore 2 Residences. A residence which allows those who reside there to delight themselves at the convenience of the amenities. In your own downtown, contemplate in your alcove of calm as you experience the warm sunsets in your very own unit. The wonderful experience offered by these homes are sure to keep the residents stress free at all cost.
  • Notably, Shore 2 Residences offers the residents an opportunity to live in a work-life balance environment. Its environment encourages the growth of businesses and business people altogether. Shine residences harmoniously integrates lifestyle and business into a seamless fusion thus creating the perfect ambiance for a superb dwelling.
  • Finally, Shore 2 Residences is the ideal place to discover the metro. Unwrap the bounties that the bustling Pasay has to offer by residing in these homes. Live in a home where every corner speaks of luxury and fine taste. Have a vacation home at this marvelous Shore 2 Residences and live a five star lifestyle. Celebrate your success with this residence. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Manila Bay at Shore 2 Residences. A development that allows its residents to enjoy an active lifestyle at the luxury of their own home at the heart of the city.

What the residents of Shore 2 Residences get to enjoy on a daily basis

Life is all fun and convenience for those living in Shore 2 Residences. The residents are surrounded by first class amenities and impressive facilities in their daily life. The main clubhouse with the function rooms provide the perfect place for the residents to hold their events whether social or business. Life is always a bliss to these residents.

The lounge and the main lobby are the perfect place for relaxing and catching up with friends after a long stressful day at work or school. In addition there are several swimming pools in the residences; lap pool, view pool and forest pool.Everyone is given a chance to enjoy the cool blue waters at Shore 2 Residences.

Keep fit by working out in the fitness gym. Shore 2 Residence embraces healthy living no wonder it provides first class fitness facilities. Shore 2 Residences provides its residents with first class facilities in order to make them feel comfortable and luxurious. The residents have instant access to all good things offered in this stylish resident. Shore 2 Residences offers the seamless fusion of the life and lifestyle that the residents have always been dreaming of. Get to your unit as fast as possible using the high speed elevators found in every tower of the residences.  

The convenient, luxurious and stylish lifestyle that the residents live is to be yearned for. They get to enjoy a premium lifestyle all year round in a residence that offers them a five star suburban living. A residence with the finest amenities in town. Shore 2 Residences elevates the quality of its residents’ lifestyles. A residence that helps those who reside there to celebrate their lives’ next phases in a five star lifestyle. The residents enjoy an upscale living experience from the vibrant lifestyle that is offered by this world class residence. The invigorating recreational amenities heighten the living experience of the residents and the exceptional features that it provides the residents with are quite inviting. The residents furthermore, thrive in the best environment. An environment which creates the air of a good life to its residents.
Why investing in Shore 2 Residences is a good idea

First, you will get to enjoy the convenience of living near key destinations in this progressive city by living at Shore 2 Residences. The residence’s strategic location in the town proper introduces a new perspective to residential living. The world renowned residence is developed with style, comfort and convenience in mind. It’s location at the heart of the magnificent Pasay City makes it easy to access places of interest in the town. With Shore 2 Residences, everything is within reach; schools, hospitals, terminals, shopping centres and government offices. One discovers a new way way of living with Shore 2 Residences as it is minutes away from the Metro’s commercial and entertainment centres.

Second, the residence is the perfect place for those who are looking for comfort, security and relaxation. The residence spoils those who reside there with elegant retreats all year round at their doorstep. Its refined structures and features bring comfort within the residents’ reach. Furthermore, there is 24 hour security plus CCTV cameras are placed on selected areas. Nothing can go wrong with Shore 2 Residence. Stay safe and comfortable at this residence.

Third, top notch amenities are found right within the development. This residence that is nestled in the heart of Pasay city provides first class amenities right at the residents’ doorstep thus helping them to leave all their worries at the door. The top notch amenities allow the residents to live a five star lifestyle all year round. The resort-like amenities provide the residents with a relaxing and revitalizing  lifestyle all round the clock. The amenities soothe the residents without ever complaining. Moreover, these amenities provide a vibrant social life to the residents thus helping to break monotony. Shore 2 Residences takes it up a notch higher by providing the finest amenities in the country.  With Shore 2 Residences, the residents live as if they are ever in vacation. The signature amenities are always ready to serve the residents by bringing joy and satisfaction to their faces. The finest amenities is indeed SMDC’s trademark.

In addition, in Shore 2 Residences, there is an assured increase in property value of the residents. The residence’s strategic location allows the residents to invest in things with great value in the city. Shore 2 Residences is located in a prime location thus those who are interested in investing in business have a good opportunity to do so.

Finally, Shore 2 Residences is best for rental investment, vacation or retirement home. The units are spacious enough to accommodate both the growing and the young families. The residence acts as an ideal reprieve to all kinds of families. In addition, the first rate amenities and the impressive facilities of these residence makes it an ideal place to invest in a vacation home. This residence acts as a home away from home. It let’s the residents enjoy exciting days and more memorable vacations at an affordable price. And as a retirement home, the residence provides everything to make one comfortable at their doorstep.

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