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A Fine Place to Live
The S Residences offer round-the-clock security, which can be a very important factor when you are looking for a new home. We take pride in making sure our residents feel safe in their home. Each unit is also equipped with fire protection, such as alarms in the case of an emergency. It is so important to feel that if an emergency were to happen, help is only a short distance away. There is front desk service that is occupied at all hours to ensure the safety and comfort of all our residents. They are there to assist you with any of your needs, day or night.

There are some wonderful aspects of the property before you even venture outside. Before you invest, you can choose from different floor plans to meet you needs. Units typically have balconies, which can be an amazing place to relax and enjoy fresh air. Imagine waking up, making coffee, and sitting outside to relax, and see what is going on in the community below. The views are breath-taking, and allow you to see the community’s pools, lounges, playgrounds, and landscape. You will feel at home in a new unit at the S Residences.

Amazing Amenities
Whether you decide to go with a one or two-bedroom unit, are starting a family, or are single, there is something here for everyone. No matter what stage of life you are in, you can find a unit that meets your needs. The unit sizes range from 26 – 58 square meters, and there are many beautiful units to choose from in the three unique towers.  

There is a grand lobby and a function room just to name a few aspects that the S Residences has to offer. Whether you would like to host a function for a birthday party, wedding, or anniversary, or would just like some space to meet with clients, there is plenty of space for anything you need. We want you to feel as though you are home! At home, you should be able to do whatever you would like, whenever you would like. These areas are open any hour of the day so that you can have everything you need and more at your fingertips.

Fun for Families
No matter what you and your family enjoy doing, there is a little bit of something for everyone both in and around this new development. If you enjoy staying in and relaxing, there are a few different types of pools, lounges, and outdoor activities you can partake in. There are different places to swim without even having to leave the complexes. There is an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, and a kid-friendly pool. All of these areas are gorgeous, clean, and relaxing. Whether you would like a solo swim, or to have your children practice their swimming skills, there are pools to accommodate your every need. If you are looking to swim as part of your exercise routine, the pools will allow you to work out. If you are looking for a place to cool off and just relax in, these pools can also help you do that. The outside lounges will also help you relax and enjoy any of your free time. It is an amazing amenity to have a pool for anytime you might want to enjoy.

Aside from the pools on the property, you can also spend your time enjoying jogging trails, beautiful landscaping, and gardens throughout the community. These properties are well-kept. We want our residences to enjoy spending time around the yard, as well as feel confident in asking guests to come and visit. The place you live should be one in which you always want to invite over friends and family. Without even venturing outside of your new community, you can enjoy spending time with your family, as well as any new members you might meet. There is so much for you and your guests to do, and the best part is, it is right at your fingertips.

There are also playgrounds that are enjoyable for families with kids. Having a playground so close by to your home is so convenient because you do not have to even leave your yard to go and find your child someplace to play. These playgrounds are also safe in that it being inside the community means that trusted members will be around your kids, as well as round-the-clock security. Among the many different types of entertainment just within the community, you should feel confident that you are making a wise choice for you and you family.

Ideal for the Business Professional
Can you work from home? Or do you prefer to go into the business world daily with other professionals? Either way, there are so many opportunities in the area of the S Residences in Pasay City. If you decide to work from home, there are many advantages to living in S Residences. For one, there is a Grand Lobby that houses some different semi-private areas where you can either work on your own or meet with colleagues or clients. The couches are so comfy, you will want to work there each day. This is important for people who work at home since working at home can sometimes be distracting. If you would like to get out of your home environment, but still want to be in the comfort of your own place, then doing your business in the grand lobby can work for you. No matter where in the S Residences you like to work, there is internet access throughout.
Since it is so close to the SM Mall of Asia, there are also so many businesses and occupations to choose from. You can be anything you want to be in or out of your community. If you decide to take on a job where you can work from home, that is great. If you take on a job that you must go into the office for, the rest is only a short distance away. You will find it convenient to live here no matter what type of job you do.

Surrounding Areas with Many Attractions
One of the nicest and most convenient aspects of living in the S Residences is that you are so close to attractions outside of the community, while also having the privacy of your own home. You can choose to partake in the busy city life, or enjoy the relaxing life in the community. There is so much to do no matter whether you are single or have a family. It also does not matter your age as there is something to do for everyone. These attractions are so close to where you will be living, so it will be convenient to travel downtown and enjoy yourself. One of the most important aspects is to live in a place that meets your basic needs, but also allows you plenty of opportunity for new adventures. With both the amenities of these properties, as well as the surrounding area, you will not regret making this your new home. Shopping, entertainment, and restaurants are among the few types of attractions you will find outside of the residences. There is so much to do both inside and outside your new residence, but if you are looking for quality entertainment, you may want to venture to the nearby SM Mall of Asia, or other places where you will love.

The SM Mall of Asia offers many different shops, restaurants, and entertainment such as a movie complex. There are also fireworks offered on Saturday nights for those who would like a celebration. With an arena as part of the mall complex, you can enjoy boxing and other events. If you like jui jitsu, there are also events that go on in the area. The nightlife is exhilarating, and the view is gorgeous. You can even enjoy the fireworks from restaurants in the area that give you a perfect view of the show. You may think, “What is the big deal? It is just a mall.” It is much more than that with everything it has to offer. It is not just a collection of stores in a common area, but there is so much more to do and explore. While it is a supermall because of its size and the number of stores, you can find something to do no matter your age or size of group you are traveling there with.

The mall is not the only entertainment in the area. There is plenty of public transportation to get you where you want to or need to go. There is also an amusement park in the area that is enjoyable for kids of any age. If you have young children with you, or if you enjoy rides, there is a Ferris wheel that will show you a great view of the area. Since Pasay City is also along the shore, you can enjoy a view of the water. There are also some delicious restaurants nearby. If you love to eat seafood, you can enjoy being so close to the water, where the seafood is always so fresh.

An Investment You Won’t Regret
These new residences will be an excellent investment for you and your family. Each unit has state-of-the-art appliances so that they will last for as long as you live there. The building materials are new, and the building company has put so much time and effort into their work, that you will be able to enjoy your home feeling like new for years to come. You will also not have to worry about doing your own landscaping and mowing as these are done for you within the community. Do you wish you had more free time? You can spend that extra free time having more fun with your family, exploring, and doing new things together. You can also explore the area around you without having to worry about coming home and doing yard work.  Instead of working and constantly updating your residence, it will be completed for you in a timely manner, and you will be able to enjoy your life more.

You will not regret this new investment. The location, value, and amenities you will receive are perfect for any resident at any age, and with any type of living situation. These residences are in high-demand because of their amenities and location. Whether you are just starting to live on your own, looking to start a family, or if you are looking to be within a community because all your children have grown up and moved along in their lives, these residences have a little bit of something for everyone. You will not be disappointed, no matter what you are seeking in your life at this time. The S Residences also allow you to plan for the future as they are affordable, and offer many aspects of what you are looking for in a home. This complex is for anyone who wants to live somewhere they will be happy, be able to try new things, and continue to explore the area. Contact us today for more information.

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